Excerpts of recent music (Sep 13, ‘06)Music

These are excerpts of recent music with a variety of thematic elements, ranging from moody to explorational improvisation, to sweeter melodic songs. Enjoy.

Styrofoam Sacred 0′52- The principal melodic theme from the experimental short film of the same name, an early work by the talented Patrick Flynn.

Last Good Time 1′11

AV64 1′27 - Mood music with the low pulsing beat of an AutoVari64 drum machine.

Adrian’s Muse 1′05 - A gentle lapping of sounds, like sailing for the ears.

Distantly Ringing Chimes 0′29 - Melodic acoustic guitar over interweaving electric guitars.

Arlesian Sunflower 0′52

Independence Day 1′06 - An excerpt from a moody improvisation with Gregory.

Independence Day 2 1′32 - Another holiday improvisation, with Gregory and Sam (aka Atman The Sibling), as part of an ongoing series of music meetings.

Tenderloin - Short Film 14′06 (Sep 12, ‘06)Post-Production> Music

TENDERLOIN roots itself into the genre of experimental film. The film explores the subconscious of a man whose typical life has betrayed him.
I had the pleasure of composing for the film, as well as handling the sound design and final mix for the piece.

Barboter a Ste Mitre - Short Film 2′32 (Sep 9, ‘06)Music


A short film about an afternoon of sun and swimming pool somewhere in Provence.
Music was composed with David I, after which I edited and refined.