Boom Recorder - multi-track recording software by VOSGAMES (Oct 1, ‘06)Location Sound

In the past 10 years, recording technology for location sound has had its own private revolution. After retiring the 30-year career of the Nagra, DAT prevailed for a relatively short time. Now we have entered the era of the non-linear multi-track location sound recorder.

While many have replaced their DATs (which had replaced their Nagras) with any of a number of hardware recorders, I decided to build my feature film recording package with VOSGAMES’ Boom Recorder software at the core.

Native to Apple’s Mac OS X, Boom Recorder is a robust recording software which aptly incorporates all of the vital and very particular nuances of recording non-linear location sound for film. Boom Recorder has simply and elegantly addressed such varied needs as: various file formats, redundant media files, metadata, timecode synchronization, playback, and generating reports.

I used Boom Recorder on a 35mm short film, On A Tuesday, with great success. You can find more information on my recording setup on this VOSGAMES page.